what is expressible with words


When experiences, forms and thoughts reach their pinnacle in a life, comes the time of action. It is a moment when the spirit is seized with a cramp if it must stand in its place and still absorb knowledge, or it must suffer the tyranny of peregrine, destructive, or useless thoughts. This is the time when one has to act. Kriegsfall-U is an action that comes from a lengthily ripened, purposeful and ingenious motivation that strives to express itself in the proper form.


In the case of Kriegsfall-U, the musical form and the inner spiritual idea, vision has been created simultaneously. The musical form, the lyrics, the concept, the veneer have been influencing each other more fold-it could not always be decided which came into existence first, which generated or augmented the other. Everyone involved in the creation knew the purpose, the form, the content, and the possibilities. Everyone tried to dissolve their personality in creation as the manifestation of the original idea, and to create what is no longer themselves but something submitted to the idea to be created under the name of Kriegsfall-U. In the excited and exciting work beginning around the end of MMII, all the things were already alive that permeate Kriegsfall-U to the present day: heroism, struggle for a complete life, conscious patriotism, belief in God, the declaration of a spiritual, or more exactly transcendent, stance, the lack of decadence, religious destruction, the avoidance of nihilism or demonic influences in creation, the acceptance of the truth of a sacral kingdom.


The name has been borrowed from a particular historical era but-although we believe that decision to be completely acceptable even today-used in a more profound, symbolic, and mythic sense. Sometime around the turn of the 20th century, when democratic decay started to overrun the Austro-Hungarian Monarch, manifesting in all kinds of pointless rioting, our king before the last, Franz Joseph I decided to devise plans that aimed for the restoration of the original authority order of the Monarch. These plans basically belonged to two categories-peaceful ones and those relying on military assistance. In the peaceful, "diplomatic" solution, if possibilities permit, the king would have offered political dialogue to the opposition, hoping to restore the peace and stability of the Monarch. The basic element of the plan requiring military assistance-which was given the name "Kriegsfall-U"-was the "democratic" opposition's capture and incarceration, their total removal from public life, and the total restoration of absolute royal authority. Unfortunately the king paid heed to the wrong advisors, wavered and decided for the first version that in turn only brought illusory results and did not bring an end to the undermining that resulted in the total disintegration of the thousand-year-old Hungarian Monarch.
The plan, however, showed that the restoration of Order would have required a radical, more forceful intervention. The situation has since become deeply tainted, which means we cannot make the same mistake again if we wish to step towards a life order that is open to layers above this world and tries not to base its legitimacy upon the demonic mixture of money, matter and decaying flesh. All the wrong that has struck up its head in our kingdom in those times, celebrates its bloody victory today as it preaches decay from a false pulpit for people that have almost forgotten everything and do not want to remember that the concoction they now wallow in has deracinated and destroyed that sacred form of existence and power that ensured unity and power for all through a thousand years-kingdom.


It doesn't make sense to talk lengthily about that. First of all, no one knows or can talk about all their influences-obviously this involves Kriegsfall-U. We are, however, eager to hear about the influence we bring forth in others. This is the only influence worth talking about and that can affect our work again and again.


No and no and no, if it is about revealing the real or imaginary wounds suffered under any adversity! We've had enough of the frenzied, inconsistent gorging of sick people's uncontrollable, sick messages! We cannot lick the bottom of another devil! Discipline, concentration, self-control, serenity - a creative process starts based on these qualities and in this process we strive towards a higher spiritual idea that leaves its mark on our work and our lives. We are partakers of Creation and we want to show something of its cogency.


This expression is a bit playful although it holds truth. Industrial is a musical form that we had surpassed but which remained the most indefinable and strongest propulsive after more than thirty years. The concept of sacral content, sacral forms and the value of life inoculated into the sacral is, by our faith, new blood in this style that usually ends in decadence. Oppositions, when used consciously towards a given end, can sometimes really strengthen each other. It is a fool who doesn't know this or doesn't use it to reach his goals.


The fruit of hard work with which we are content at the moment - but who knows for how long? This has been preceded by many months of actual work and much more preliminary planning, several dozens of filters and a lot of discarded plans. Besides that, releasing has also brought problems, as it has been late at least half a year. But this way our souls have been steeled and we have stronger faith in what we do.
In the concept of the debut album, the following ideas have been fused into a single entity: stance, realisation, truthful life, the truth of lost kingdom, heroism grafted into belief in God. All of these received proper musical forms and the parts are connected by an instrumental interlude that reveals its purpose in the closing piece. The album has a beginning (the feeling of total desolation) and an end (all that has to remain even today, of which a stance can be created now or anytime), and in the meantime everything is mentioned that has to be in our hearts, arms and minds.


- Holy King László I
The person and historical symbol in perfect unity, an ideal of life: knight and king, champion of the country, an anointed one who has still become a ruler chiefly by his aptitude. His figure rises out of the present pale decay, if someone holds it high and provides a base for comparation. This time we have taken this role.

- Blessed King Charles IV
Our last and martyr king who has been betrayed by the majority of his people and a deputy in a misinterpreted role (admiral Miklós Horthy). King Charles have lived a saintly life and strove to serve his people's welfare while not forgetting that it is done before God's throne. Even in his life, a prayer group has been started for his beatification, and his fate is a symbol even today, the way of ending a sacral form of rule - briefly, hastily, shamefully, cast off, betrayed to zeitgeist and based on the ill advice of momentary interests. Shame and disgrace! When the darkness around us is the biggest, it is time to learn from the light shining toward us from the past.

- Béla Hamvas
He is by no means a symbol. The shine and rigour of a diamond crystal that can be built upon. A human source to which we can return both in the darkest and loftiest moments of the soul. With the homage appearing on this record that simply broke forth with an overwhelming force in the process of creation we still became unfaithful to him to some degree as he said "he cannot be referred to". However, the presence of our thoughts and his spirit has been primarily an experiment to show what Hamvas has named the need for realisation. We are continually striving for it. We are continually thankful to him.

- The Holy Crown
The Holy Crown is the most obvious symbol by which we can refer to our origin and goal. The Crown symbolizes the contradiction between the real Hungarian genius and the present. It shoes which way has the nation of sheep abandoned, who make it bleat and who shepherd it towards the abattoirs of communism, or for that matter, democracy and globalisation. The Holy Crown is a reality - the life that is surrounded by a false, decaying compulsion continually justifying its decay.

- The "Kriegsfall-U logo"
There is no such thing. We use symbols or a unity of symbols to underline a message but not wanton ends or for decoration. Every such composition has its importance and content in its visual context that is accompanied by a musical message. Together they constitute the content and experience provided by Kriegsfall-U.


Unfortunately, none of these examples is really cooperation. Cold Spring Records, to whom we are thankful for releasing our record as we asked, is an English record label that perhaps has a greater name on the scene, and thus our message has a greater chance to reach more people, including the adequate ones. But, it is typical of the Cold Spring Records that the debut record of a filthy satanist noise band appeared on this label almost at the same time as ours. Clovenhoof never sleeps - if something is done against him, he always puts something to the other side. But Cold Spring has published the first and second Von Thronstahl CDs as well, and we know that Josef K. is committed to traditional Christian values and faith, and we are good contact with him. We have played at Cold Spring's 15th Anniversary Party (with H.E.R.R. and Von Thronsthal) and perform an exclusive song to special anniversary 12" EP too with a special song.
The Hungarian label MozgaloM Records - that released our split 7" with Wappenbund and split 10" with Autopsia - is dedicated to releasing the lesser future works of Kriegsfall-U. We looked forward with particularly great expectations to the work with German band Wappenbund as we hold their works in respect. Unfortunately, we got to know Sven Bussler as a traumatic small timer who behaved in an inexplicable way after the release of the split 7" - that has been very well received as it has practically been sold out in a month - and so he brought our helpful and responsive label, MozgaloM Records, into a hopeless situation. Nowadays, if we listen to the exquisite works of Wappenbund, we try to abstract from the controversial person of Sven Bussler, and in this sometimes we do not succeed. We'd like to release split singles with others in the future, to which perhaps there is a possibility, that is a honourable act at my side.
We can tell the truth, that we are very pride for our collaboration with Autopsia. That is a great comeback of this famous band. We think that Autopisa' s art and work is a very notable fountain for many industrial and neo-classical bands who operate with philosophical influences. So this collaboration is real honorific for us!
We work on a project that called LIGHTCORN. That is a real collaboration between the members of Kriegsfall-U, Dark Water Memories and Cawatana. We made some songs and would be a released at MMV. Spring.


We don't think it is fortunate to have too much quoted text in one's own work as it queries the originality of the author as well as the experience and authenticity of the work. We used quotes on this album because the theme cannot be phrased in a better or more valid way as Béla Hamvas did. We would have liked him to recite it but as this was impossible, we came to this solution. Kriegsfall-U strives to create its own authentic work as a whole, not to interpret, as it is unfortunately done by many around the world. Interpretation is speaking mainly about oneself, which is not our way.


As far as this refers to the borders of the musical genre, Kriegsfall-U uses its musical style to full extent and tries to expand its borders. We don't create music primarily but we use music to form a more exact picture of something. For this, the form of (post) industrial we are using seems perfect this time, so we are experimenting in this direction.


For us, this is a natural and obvious thing - a base that, unfortunately, nowadays has to be emphasized more than it would be healthy. However, these days are the age of hotchpotch, of mixture, when anything pure shines suspiciously. On the other hand, our group doesn't support using the sense of nationality for political purposes - as we don't support any other direct political purpose, for that matter.


"Credo in Deum, Patrem omnipotentem, Creatorem caeli et terrae. Et in Jesum Christum, Filium eius unicum, Dominum nostrum: qui conceptus est de Spiritu Sancto, natus ex Maria Virgine, passus sub Pontio Pilato, crucifixus, mortuus, et sepultus: descendit ad infernos; tertia die resurrexit a mortuis; ascendit ad caelos; sedet ad dexteram Dei Patris omnipotentis: inde venturus est judicare vivos et mortuos. Credo in Spiritum Sanctum, sanctam Ecclesiam catholicam, Sanctorum communionem, remissionem peccatorum, carnis resurrectionem, vitam aeternam. Amen."


On the first album - as we have tried to indicate before - this was an overwhelming force, a necessity. The spiritual man, if trying to be honest in this modern age, is obliged to pay respect on a daily basis to those geniuses who took significant parts in forming his stance. We are not exceptions either, so here we would like to express our deepest reverence to the following people: Béla Hamvas, Mircea Eliade, Novalis, Spengler, Ortega, Schmitt, Tamás Molnár, Guénon, Suso, Johannes Tauler, Angelus Silesius, Anthony de Mello. Besides them, we think thankfully about all the Hungarian saints as well as several foreign ones and significant statesmen.


It is necessary in order to grasp and consummate the self. The person is of no consideration. The content, the concept, the effect, the work are important. (And we don't want to be "up-to-date" in this matter either.)


A complicated process to which we are not eager to subject ourselves as the final result is hard to be controlled. Despite this, there is a definite and welcome demand - accompanied by a lot of helpfulness - for the group to show itself live, so we try to prepare for such gigs - abroad as well as in the country - honestly as far as in us lies. Unfortunately every concert is doubtful, this being the appeal and the chagrin of such opportunities. We try to be prepared not to be a risk factor in this matter.


The unity of dawn birds' chorus is dissolved by the glum and distorted roar of the first automobile.


Convert! In every sense.

Kriegsfall-U., August-November MMV. Dei Gratiae Postate.

The original version of this interview was first published in the Hungarian magazine Magna. We would like to thank our friends from Last Exit for allowing us to use this article and MozgaloM Records for translating it into English.